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How To Start Your Space Wall Art Collection

“I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges. It’s by the nature of his deeper inner soul… We’re required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream.” - Neil Armstrong
It starts with your curiosity. The wonder and awe that comes from staring out into space. Thinking and reflecting on the infinitely unknown. Pondering how we got here and where it all goes. Space art can be inspiring. There’s something about the greater outer space that catches everyone’s attention. The science combined with the unknown. These questions and thoughts are where it all begins. A space wall art collection could be just what’s needed for your walls.  
"Stars The Limit | Tag The Moon" Space Astronaut Modern Graffiti Street Art Canvas Art by IKONICK

Introduction To Space Wall Art

Astronauts were just the beginning of a human adventure into space. They forever changed history and the culture of humankind. Landing on the moon was the first step to inspiring, motivating and changing the normal beliefs of what’s possible. The entire worldview of mankind changed. It was only the beginning of a new era.
There’s a range of styles and ideas when it comes to space. Planets, black holes, explorers, stars and galaxies. Some of it we know, like and are familiar with already. Other concepts, like black holes, still stir emotions of fear and unknown. This can cause people to retract and avoid them. Others move closer to the mysteries of space. 
"Limits" Astronaut Artwork | IKONICK x Truth By Nature 

Space Canvas Art for Astronomy Lovers

What better way to feel like you’re in space than to deck out your entire room with space canvas art? If you love astronomy, this is a must-do. For the academic or the explorer, there are so many options. It’s an appreciation for space.
The appreciation for learning and curiosity. This love for our greater universe can be represented in an art collection.
"Space Train" Space Culture Canvas Art by IKONICK. 

Designing With Abstract Space Art

The styles, designs, and opportunities are endless. There are themes that range from stars to planets. Space has the perfect environment for an abstract approach.
The depth is unmatched - nothing goes deeper than space. The imagination is infinite. Start with understanding the feeling and vibe that you want to create in the room. Dark colors? Black holes and bright stars? Layering in quotes and messages will also have an impact on the overall design of the space.
The right quote can stir the perfect emotion. Evoke the question that sparks it a movement. Space art is best when displayed in extra-large sizes. Outer space itself is so vast and endless that the art should match its character. Tall art pieces are great for inspiration. Great for school rooms and science academies, space art is fun for adults and kids of all ages.
Whether it be for artistic inspiration or academic education, outer space art increasingly growing in popularity.
Modern Graffiti Street Art Canvas Art by IKONICK

Our Outer Space Wall Art Collection

IKONICK has taken this love for outer space and combined it with thought-provoking design. With 24 different variations and options, there’s something for everyone. Best to go big. These pieces are sure to inspire. Inspiration through astronauts.
Contemporary style through design.
The collection includes something for everyone who appreciates space, galaxies and our greater universe. Space art is another way of expressing what’s on our minds. It’s the message and the feelings that we all have. The questions that we all share.
What are the limits of humankind? Where does infinity go and how did it get started? Where do we fit in and what does it all mean? It’s these questions that are the seeds of our inspiration. The foundation of our curiosity. We see to explore and find the answers to these questions. Astronauts love the chase. The novelty and reward that comes from charting new territories are unmatched in space. These pieces can be the perfect reminder for that.
Go out into the world of the unknown. Seek the answers to the questions that you have. Ask more questions. It’s this journey that will matter the most. Landing on the moon was just the beginning. That was the start of knowing that anything could be possible. It was the inspiration and motivation to realize that we can reach out into the world, the universe now, and capture whatever it is that we want.
This collection is for the bold. The explorers who are willing to take risks. Not being afraid of the unknown. Willing to trust themselves in chasing their dreams. This collection is for those people.
There have been and forever will be those that push us forward. The ones who ask hard questions and inspire us to take action. Neil deGrasse Tyson once said, “Philosophically, the universe has never really never made things in ones.
The Earth is special and everything else is different? No, we have got seven other different planets. The sun? No, the sun is one of those dots in the sky. The Milky Way? No, it is one of a hundred billion galaxies. And the universe, maybe it is countless other universes.”
Stay curious. Stay adventurous. Chase your dreams.