IKONICK Behind the Hustle Ep 1: The Origin – Ikonick
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IKONICK Behind the Hustle Ep 1: The Origin

Behind The Hustle

IKONICK Behind The Hustle Episode 1: The Origin

Episode 1 of "Behind the Hustle” introduces the origin of IKONICK and jumps right into what a day in the life of a startup looks like. Startups appear exciting and romantic to those looking to start their new venture. But here’s what sets IKONICK apart from the rest. We’re going to show you what the other startups won’t. The co-founders of IKONICK, Mark, and Jeff, take you straight into their L.A. apartment where they live/work, host meetings, and even let athletes do flips on their scooters.

You are going to see the highs, the conversations with key players as Mark and Jeff build lasting networks and relationships. Some of these figures include successful business man like Gary Vaynerchuk and Rick Ross, serial entrepreneurs who believe in our motivational brand. You’ll also see the not so ‘sexy’ nights in hoodies as they work late. A startup is a living, breathing entity with a 24/7 heartbeat. For that reason, we can’t just stop at Episode 1. Work does not stop just because the camera stops rolling.

Check out Episode 1, as the adventure of IKONICK unfolds in this full web series.

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