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Special Delivery - Tristan Tales

Special Delivery

One of the faster growing Social Media Influencers, Tristan Tales linked up with IKONICK and Ryan Taylor for a Special Delivery edition of the art brand’s latest YouTube series. Hit play and your first shot is a fat stack of support. Tristan Tales decked out his place in numerous painting from the leader in canvas art. Some of the featured artwork include Marble Money, Billions, Homesick, Greedy Eyes, and Game on. The 100K piece especially fits the interactive viral social media star perfectly. From the video, the artwork’s pop art inspired style colors to leap off the canvas, brightening up Tales home in Southern California.


The painting implies, “100k...Because the struggle is real.” Which Tales indeed does not have with his significant social presence consisting of 1.6M followers just on Instagram! Coming from a business and cinema background, he captures audiences through various platforms, Insta is only the surface for this entrepreneur. The term entrepreneur not used lightly, as he has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Amazon, and Marvel. Tales won the Shorty Award’s Snapchatter of the Year Nominee from his family-friendly channel (check out his Snapchat @tristantales) that features stories varying from sketches, short films, man-on-the-street segments with strangers, and partially-animated adventures. As a social media video content producer, Tales has cumulative 150M followers between his utilized apps. You may have even seen him before on YouTube in collaboration with fellow social media star Jake Paul. Put two icons together and what do you get? A 2.2M viewed video complete with fire and pranks, which if you haven’t already, can see it here.


Leading back to the featured video mentioned earlier, the Special Delivery with Tristan and Ryan is nothing short of stunts either. Shot by 4kvisuals, a "creative owner" and videographer, captures the whole event, leaving nothing out. Skip to 0:18 seconds to see for yourself. Here you will see Tristan willingly lay on the floor while Taylor jumps over him, clearing Tales with serious skill. Living rooms made for living right? With daredevil Taylor around, IKONICK’s special delivery series are upping for the anty for hand deliveries.

Ryan Taylor, a gifted BMX rider, calls the danger zone home. One of his more recent videos features Taylor jumping off an Olympic Diving Board, bike and all. For those of you who do not know and don’t feel like Googling how tall that is, an Olympic diving board sits at 33ft tall.

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Special Delivery - Tristan Tales


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