20 Lessons From The Psychology of Money That Changed How I Think About Money By Gabe Bult
Watch Time: 14 Minutes
Callouts: Everyone makes decisions based on how they perceive the world. Understanding luck vs risks. There is always luck to be had, but it's out of your control. You can mitigate risk and still not have luck on your side. Having enough to take on more risk. Understand where you draw the line on having enough vs wanting to take on more and more. Creating a plan is the most important thing you can do. Become wealthy, not flashy. Don't fall into the trap of making financial decisions to impress people who don't care. Practice frugality. If you can't control your spending, it won't matter how much you make because you won't be able to handle any amount. Understanding that volatility and uncertainty are always in the equation. No one is the same in their financial journey. Everyone is on their own unique path. Investing doesn't have to be complex.