How To Train The Right Way With Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi
Watch Time: 20 Minutes
Callouts: This is a very controversial video to many, but over time, will create momentum and achieve results. At worst, it is a great starting point. You should never be sore when training. It's all about setting yourself up for the next day with gradual improvement on volume. People over index their strength and then can't train that same muscle group until its recovered. If you can train the same muscle group every single day, overtime you will be able to get more reps and volume in than those who need a few days to recover before they can train again. Find the balance between "red lining" your body and stopping when you feel good and energized. Develop a state of flow. It's the perfect balance between challenging and easy. Time tends to feel like its going by faster than you imagine. Finding flow allows you to enjoy training, therefore you will stick to training more often. The goal is to be consistently consistent.