About us


IKONICK is a West Coast brand putting a new spin on the business of inspiring others through art. Embodying popular culture, our exclusive collections exist to motivate in a way that’s entirely our own. Whether you’re working out of a cubicle or hustling with an ocean view, we’ve created hundreds of pieces to motivate you through your mornings, days, and nights. Fed up with the dead-end jobs that were going nowhere, we felt our ambition draining away at our desks, so we decided to leave it all behind and set out to create something that would inspire ourselves and others to chase those ambitions. Started as a passion project in 2016, IKONICK is now one of the leading digital art brands in the world, with our artwork displayed in hundreds of thousands of homes and office spaces. We partnered up with entrepreneurial icons Gary Vaynerchuk and earned licensing rights for the NBA, Muhammad Ali, Peanuts, and many others.