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Lift Off

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"Lift Off" by IKONICK. Houston, we have lift off. Up, up and away to infinity and beyond. Let your galaxy traveler out with this space style canvas print. Perfect for that home in a galaxy far, far away. While you're on our site, make sure to check out the rest of our travel-inspired pieces.
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We're on a mission to make high-quality art accessible. By skipping the retailer and selling directly to you, we can offer high-quality art pieces at affordable prices.
Limited-edition art - Unlike a lot of mass-produced art on the market, each and every piece is part of a unique, limited-edition series produced by Designer Director and Artist, Jeff Cole (IG: @Cole) who has been hired by Nike, Complex Magazine, Vaynermedia, and Jordan Brand to create amazing prints for their publications and releases.

Only the best materials - Our canvases represent the latest in the evolution of high-quality, high-consistency canvas and our latex inks are odorless and environmentally friendly.

Absolutely no regrets - Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee guarantees you'll make a no-regret purchase when you buy.

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